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Jesse W Wesson

3401 E Pike St, Apt 308

Seattle, WA 98122

206 954 4004

Technical Skills

Platform Experience

• Mac OS (9 and X), UNIX (Solaris and BSD), Windows (XP and earlier)

Programming Languages

Highly Proficient

• Java (including Swing, servlets and JSP), C, PHP

• Perl (including CGI), Regular Expressions, AppleScript


• Objective C, SQL, Shell Scripting, C++, JavaScript


• Eiffel, Smalltalk, Scheme, Lisp, Haskell

Other Technologies

• UML, XML (including DTD, XSD and XSL), HTML

• Network Sockets, Agent Systems

Development Tools

• Eclipse, Xcode and InterfaceBuilder, UNIX Toolset (gcc, emacs etc.)

• FileMaker Pro Developer, CodeWarrior


• Microsoft Office, Adobe graphics suite, Macromedia Dreamweaver studio

• Apache, Postfix, Sendmail, PostgreSQL, and other server software

Special Interests

• Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (Patterns and Anti-patterns), Systems Architecture (ABAS's)

• Human Computer Interaction, 3-Tiered Web Applications


Work Experience

Software Development Engineer

March 2004 – Present

Microsoft, MacBU

Redmond, WA

• developing internal tools to test Office for Macintosh


July 1999 – February 2004

The Rings of Pluto

Victoria, BC

• marketed concepts to several customers

• developed and integrated database solutions to client specifications

• provide continuing support and customization

• designed and deployed several web sites

• administer web and email server for clients and personal business

• developed desktop applications

Senior Specialist Instructor

May 1999 – February 2004

HSD Computer Lab

University of Victoria

Victoria, BC

• supervised and trained staff as senior member of team

• supported students and staff in a multi-platform environment with a large variety of software

• maintained over 100 networked computers

• implemented application to address security issues across Macintosh platforms

Assistant Manager & DJ

January 1996 – January 1998

Shine Nightclub

Edmonton, AB

• organized and coordinated events

• ensured a safe and enjoyable environment for guests

• hosted a variety of well-liked evenings with a focus on popular and retro British music

Computer Consultant & Technician

August 1995 – February 1998


University of Alberta

Edmonton, AB

• assisted students and faculty in the purchase of hardware and software to meet a range of needs

• provide customer and technical support

• installed and upgraded systems for customers

• administered local network and web site



B.Sc. Computer Science

1998 – 2003

University of Victoria

Victoria, BC

• emphasis in Software Engineering


• Apple WWDC Scholarship (1999, 2000, 2001, & 2002)



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