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Another driving force in my life is technology. Whether it is computers or electronic gear like the iPod, I always seem to need the latest and greatest.

I have been interested in computers since I was quite young when my mom would bring home an Apple IIe from school for the summer. I then graduated to the Macintosh with another part-time computer, a Mac SE. I finally bought my own PowerMac 6100 in 1994 and have owned many Macs since.

My main focus now is programming and web developmentwith a little bit of digital media editing when I have the chance. Currently, I do all my work on a 17" iMac but am expecting delivery of a new 15" aluminium PowerBook to replace it! I also have in my employ one of the first iMacs which runs this server.

Through a lot of experience and a couple of developer conferences, I have amassed quite a bit ofknowledge on the Mac some of which is detailed here. You can also find out about my other software projects that fall outside the scope of my business.

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updated 4/27/16