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Welcome to the web site of Jesse Wesson

I am currently a Software Devleopment Engineer with the Macintosh Business Unit (MacBU) at Microsoft. In my previous life I was a computer science student at the University of Victoria and the proprietor of the Rings of Pluto Digital Engineering. This site was created to provide a personal space as well as a medium to showcase my software and Internet endeavours.

The following pages are divided into four main sections: business, technology, music, and myself. For information on the now shelved Rings of Pluto, its software products, and past work check out the business link. The technology section details the configuration of this server, Macintosh related tidbits, and includes other personal projects I am currently working on. My CD and vinyl collection as well as MP3 and QuickTime streams can all be found under the music category. The particulars of myself including my my blog are listed under the individual link.

Enjoy and feel free to contact me with feedback or questions.

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updated 4/27/16