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Music is an intrinsic part of my life. From aficionado to instrumentalist to DJ, it has always played a role.

As a child, I was exposed to it through my father, a professional musician, as well as my many other musically inclined relatives. I pursued this interest during grade school where I learned to play a variety of instruments including the saxophone, the clarinet, and finally settling on the bassoon. It was this instrument that I continued with after graduation, joining the Edmonton Youth Orchestra for several years and recording a couple of CDs with them.

Shortly after, I began to DJ at a little club in Edmonton called Shine with the support of Jeff and Jordan the proprietors. I continued to spin at a couple of Edmonton haunts amassing an extensive collection of CDs in the process.

My catalogue has grown over the years through my personal indulgences, gifts, and bequeathals. It now includes a wide variety of genres. You can search it or listen to the MP3 streams. Also, be sure to check out any dates I may be DJing.

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updated 4/27/16