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What is the Club Control System?

An inventory manager, general ledger, event scheduler, and employee tracker but more importantly a new interface between you and your clientele.


The Club Control System is based on FileMaker Pro, an extensible database framework. This means it can be customized to meet the specific needs of the environment. The modules themselves are runtime libraries to enable unlimited distribution across a network but with the purchase of the complete software package, one can easily add web access for managers and/or clients to the system. It is composed of seven modules:

• General Ledger

• Inventory Database

• Employee Database

• Employee Scheduler

• Event Scheduler

• Client Database

• P-o-P Module

All of which work in unison to automate, track, and simplify the operation of the club.

Detailed View

P-o-P Module

This is the heart of the system. By tying into the Employee, Client, and Inventory Databases, and the General Ledger it records each of the transactions of the customers while coordinating the inventory and updating the general ledger.

Client Database

This keeps a file on each member of the club. Their personal information such as address, phone numbers, and email are taken upon joining. As well, their credit card number and expiration date are recorded for the purposes of “drink and run” protection. An implementation for Lush Nightclub.

Event Scheduler

This allows the managers to co-ordinate events at the club and provides an automated workflow for the creation of handbills, postering, and advertising. When fully implemented with a web presence, it can provide real-time as well as searchable calendars.

Employee Database

As the name implies, this module holds the employee records for the establishment that can include everything from wage to cumulative pay.

Employee Schedule

This is similar to the Event Scheduler in that it allows the managers to co-ordinates the employee’s shifts as well as tracking hours. One could even publish the schedule to the web and have staff access it via password.

Inventory Database

This is a simple to use inventory tracking system that can interact with the other modules of the system to automate processes such as generating orders and tracking liquor.

General Ledger

This provides services for accounting. It is able to track expenses and income generated by the club as well as being the portal to view P-o-P transactions.


This software can be deployed on a single Macintosh workstation (iMac) or be distributed across a server/client network (G4 with internet access and iMac clients) depending on the individual needs of the club. To see an example of how one club has used this system see the Lush Nightclub page. Please contact me for specific information based on your needs.


This system is more than just the pieces mentioned above. The Rings of Pluto provides a total solution based on the particular club’s needs. From customizable software that is networkable and web savvy to complete hardware set up and installation. Finally, the Club Control System offers both form and function giving you an advanced web presence and a visual aesthetic that propels your club’s image into a new era.

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updated 4/27/16